31 October 2010

Top Selling Cards

See in order of sales popularity, the greeting cards available from Smallfox.

My Flickr is ALL FREE!

What? Yes that is correct. Why are you looking at me like that? Just click my pic and see free photos for you to download. More will be added periodically so you can come back later if you don't see anything that interests you yet.
What? Just because I'm a cat you think that I can't speak or type? That's what makes it so hard for me to get work.

Lotuses sold!

Recently sold this charming picture!

My Zazzle store has a few floral items if you care to peruse.

Also, my RedBubble portfolio has cards and prints.

24 October 2010

Just testing at the moment.

Just starting this blog so this is a testing post. Do not expect to find anything of interest in this. In fact, if you do find this interesting I suggest you seek professional help or at the very least, get some sort of a life.

Find a hobby, perhaps.