29 November 2010

The new blog

A supplementary blog to the Smallfox Photography blog: My Backyard. To quote the about page:

It exists because I seem to be taking a lot of photos in my small backyard in Sydney. Mainly shots of birds, for they seem highly attracted. Strictly speaking, I guess, they are not in my backyard usually but taken over the fence where the trees are. And there are a couple of shots which will be from out the front. Still, I shall not nitpick myself on these trifling issues.

So there you are. If you haven't already heard, now you have. Please enjoy.

28 November 2010

The Smallfox World

A little note here:

The website:

The FaceBook app:

The app allows you to log into the website using FaceBook.

Now more self promotion: any member who can find two new people to sign can have anything they want from SFP at cost. That includes any customised requests, including calendars. Want a cheap and beautiful Christmas Gift?

Website Hosting

I have already mentioned that I will be tidying up my website, but what I should have also mentioned is the host, Webs.com. You can get a very good free site there or upgrade. Actually quite amazing what you can get for nothing.

Get a Free Website at Webs.com!

Free members can also get credits for extra goodies.

26 November 2010

Featured Photo Dancer 1

This photo, Dancer 1, was featured today in

Turkey and Turks around the World

on RedBubble.

This dancer was at the Sydney Coffee festival a few years ago in an improvised Turkish Coffee House at The Rocks. My wife and I happened upon it quite by accident, quite unaware that it was even on. The atmosphere was great there, food cooking, the smell of coffee and the smoky haze. And this dancer was fantastic!


I posted this on the Smallfox Photography blog last night so I am just putting a link HERE about changes to SFP.

25 November 2010

Picture the Pitcher

Pitcher Plants are such wonderful things!! I should probably get some myself to eat the mosquitoes around here this time of year.

If you like them too but find them to much work to care for (like I did with my Venus Fly Traps, poor things: if only I'd known that they need special potting mix) maybe this is more useful for you...

These photos were taken at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney, Australia. The vine they grew on grew very high, climbing up the pillars to the second level in the tropical house.

21 November 2010

Creature Mandala Totem

Creature Mandala Totem is an image I created starting with the roots of a Moreton Bay Fig Tree. By the time I had finished messing around with it, it was brimming with life and images that I hadn't at first expected to see.

Creature Totem Mandala also comes in a suprising variety of forms apart from the straight shown above:


19 November 2010

Sydney Harbour Bridge

It's impossible living in Sydney not to have a few Harbour Bridge photos. When I first arrived in Sydney, back in 1992, I was stunned at just how amazing it looked. It is hard to capture this in photo-form because it never seems to look quite as marvellous as it does in real life. I hope that I have come close, though.

See HERE for all of my RedBubble Harbour Bridge shots.

Good for a Bridge Game!

Mr Shuffles and Family

Mr Shuffles and Family come in a few different forms:

And yet there are more!

This is little Pathi Harn, orginally nicknamed Mr Shuffles because of his walk. It was thought that he had died in the womb. The elephant obstetrics expert had flown home to Germany but was then summoned back. He said that this rewrites the books! Hence the name Pathi Harn, Thai for Miracle Boy.

And now he does quite well, playing with anything he can get his trunk on. He is living in Taronga Zoo.

18 November 2010


This is a little aside from the strictly photographic - unless I win!!

PayBox is a new online and offline payment service currently being built which pays you to be an earlybird member, since they are looking to build up membership before opening.

Anyway, they have a competition to win a $1000 Amazon wish list. My list contains:

(Apparently, not many people have bothered about this aspect of the site.)

I am now up to $1494 since 11th September and am encouraging others here to join up. Of course, I get a $10 referral bonus (up from $5), so I'm really set to benefit. But having looked at a number of sites, many noted here on My Big Experiment.

They also have a $1000 prize for a debit card design. One of mine:

(See, this article does contain photography.)

If you're interested then click HERE

15 November 2010

Dragonflies and Damselflies

I have been down to the local park with it's wetlands for local wildlife. It seems that it is now the time when these insects are thinking about the future, mating and laying eggs for the future generations.
Mind you, they are not easy to photograph. Most of the time they are flitting about, not keeping still for long enough for me to focus and shoot. But these three were quite obliging.

Making the Future
It was hot and sweaty by the pond, made for quite a nice time as summer kicks in.
These are available as cards only.

13 November 2010


We could all do with a little sanctuary at times, I think. So here it is, Sanctuary, as a poster, a card, a print and more.

Drink from Sanctuary and feel the serenity!

Flash Panels

RedBubble and Zazzle flash panels are now near the top of the page on the sidebar.

You can view items from the safety of this blog.

11 November 2010

A Tee for a Rainy Day

I thought that a rainy street like this, Lennox St in Newtown, would make a nice t-shirt. So here it is, and it gives me a mind for a series. Click on the pic to see it on RedBubble. Or if you like:

This t-shirt has been featured in the rain-dedicated group

!~*RAIN*~! The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

09 November 2010

Free Shipping

FREE SHIPPING on all Zazzle products until November 10 only!

So you've got to be quick!

06 November 2010


Available as a card only, Ravensky. Just finished making this one today. 

04 November 2010

15% off Smallfox RedBubble until 14th November!!

Yes, that's right!!

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Some new works...


Two new cards for sale - Pierce the Veil and Looking Deeper Through the Veil.

The premise of these cards is that we all see the world but darkly, our preconceptions being an obstruction to our view on the world, where nothing is what it seems because seeming is our prejudice. Well, maybe that's a bit heavy for a card. But if it's a message you want to send...