19 January 2011

Guest Posting on Smallfox Photos

The Smallfox Photos blog has had its inaugural guest post, a piece on the Catskill Mountains by Pamela Phelps.

CLICK HERE to see the article and the photos.

Puppy Love - Feature!

This photo, entitled Where are you going? has been featured in Pets Are Us
on RedBubble.

I would like to thank Ms Nickel for featuring this work, recently added. Isn't s/he adorable? It is a King Charles Spaniel and like all spaniels no doubt very good natured. At this moment, it is a very concerned spaniel.

Refering to a person as someone's spaniel has in the past been an insult, suggesting you are stupidly devoted and enslaved by the other. However, I can just as easily see it as a compliment.

This picture is available as a card or print on RedBubble. Click on the pic to see more!

11 January 2011

Plant life - Fern Art

Ferns are amongst my favourite plants. They are more ancient than the dinosaurs and beautifully primitive.

The first is the most recent photograph. Taken at Sydney Park in St Peters a couple of weeks ago, I saw this growing out amongst the rocks and loved the red colouring.

The second picture was taken at Darling Harbour. I was walking over a footbridge and just saw it beneath me. Such a great and unusual angle to see a tree fern from.

Click on the pictures to see them on RedBubble. I've only two fern pictures, much to my surprise - these two. Well, I must get some more, mustn't I.

02 January 2011

Ideal Guest - Blogging Network

I'll tell you how new it is: I just started it and am as I type the only member!

Now, what this is all about: I have been thinking about the idea of having guest posts on one or more of my blogs and of perhaps doing the same thing. I thought that I would look for some kind of directory for this and I did and much to my surprise, I found NOTHING.

I had apparently stumbled upon something that doesn't exist. There was nothing there - I thought I must be seeing things.

Enough of that. So with little knowledge of how to go about this, I have created a social site for that express purpose. Perhaps there's a good reason why this doesn't already exist - so this is really in an experimental phase, to see if it is viable and useful and popular enough.

So if you're a blogger or have a website and are interested in writing articles for someone else (in exchange for a backlink, of course) please come and have a look. At the moment, all I can hear are crickets. I hope to hear the tap-tap-tap of fingers on keyboards.

Oh, the site is called IDEAL GUEST - drop by and have a look.