02 January 2011

Ideal Guest - Blogging Network

I'll tell you how new it is: I just started it and am as I type the only member!

Now, what this is all about: I have been thinking about the idea of having guest posts on one or more of my blogs and of perhaps doing the same thing. I thought that I would look for some kind of directory for this and I did and much to my surprise, I found NOTHING.

I had apparently stumbled upon something that doesn't exist. There was nothing there - I thought I must be seeing things.

Enough of that. So with little knowledge of how to go about this, I have created a social site for that express purpose. Perhaps there's a good reason why this doesn't already exist - so this is really in an experimental phase, to see if it is viable and useful and popular enough.

So if you're a blogger or have a website and are interested in writing articles for someone else (in exchange for a backlink, of course) please come and have a look. At the moment, all I can hear are crickets. I hope to hear the tap-tap-tap of fingers on keyboards.

Oh, the site is called IDEAL GUEST - drop by and have a look.

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