02 October 2011

05 September 2011

New Features

The three works below have been featured on RedBubble in the last two days!

Ivan (High-key) Tee - If it doesn't belong

Flying Through Tee - If it doesn't belong

Lone Duck Photo - Live Love and Dream

Thank you to these two groups!!
The t-shirts have actually been around for some time, while the photo was taken a week ago down at Sydney Park in St Peters.

05 August 2011

Walking on Water

Recently sold a couple of cards and a print of Walking on Water to an unknown buyer (Thanks :D)

So here it is:

When I took the original shot, I had the auto-focus on and it focused on the raindrops, leaving everything else blurry. But I had a texture shot of bubbles so I put the two together and I must say myself, the result was rather pleasing.

06 July 2011

Sydney Sold

Sydney Sold!

These two prints, Light over the Harbour and Dark Opera respectively, have just been sold on Zazzle as medium posters!

25 June 2011

Ideal Guest

IDEAL GUEST is a new website for the purpose of bloggers to find one another in order to find blogs to guest post on or to find bloggers and writers looking to post. (It is free.)

Still in it's very early stages, it has resulted in one post so far, a post on my other blog, Smallfox Photos Blog, by a lady in Oregon who goes by the name of MrsRoadRunner.

Since then, two new members have joined. At the moment, it is all about photography, though it is by no means limited to that - anyone who joins can create whatever groups they like. The site is set up as a social site and people can also add each other as contacts for easier communication.

So it is slow to start, yes, but the potential is great. Sure, there are other ways for people to find each other, but this one is purpose created for the job of bloggers finding like interests and sharing their work.

Featured photo - Reflecting Again

Reflecting Again was recently featured...

in the Reflections in Building Windows group on RedBubble.

My thanks go to Jack McCabe for this honour!

08 June 2011

Smallfox Clothing

Smallfox Photography specialises in images as you would expect. But, just in case you didn't know, I thought that I should tell you about Smallfox Photography's Clothing.

This first picture links to the RedBubble site, where such items may be bought as t-shirts and hoodies.

There are other items available as well, such as this beautiful crocodile jaws tie, available through the Zazzle store, along with other items, t-shirts, shoes. Plus, Smallfox Canvas Bags such as the Blue Lotuses below.

Because the image is often only the beginning.

27 May 2011

Featured - Experiment in Abstraction

This pic, entitled Experiment in Abstraction, was featured recently in the If it doesn't belong group on RedBubble.

My thanks to diLuisa Photography for the honour :)

It is only a small image and so is only available as a card or postcard.

It is a group of trees overlain with light through verticle blinds and given an aged look. I just like the feel of the image, kind of elder and modern at the same time.

18 May 2011

SFP April Members' Feature

The featured photo for April has been posted on the front page of the Smallfox Photography website!

It is called Sugar Loaf Rock and is by Jon Russell Staniland, a Western Australian based photographer.

I picked this photo because of its strong physical presence and its super-real and dynamic naturalism. I love the textures of the rock, the overwhelming presence of the sea and sky which seem to be of one substance.

You can see more of Russell's uploads to SFP HERE

And more of his work on RedBubble HERE

16 May 2011

St Stephen's

Shot of the old churchyard at St Stephen's in Newtown. This is a wonderful place just to walk around or have a picnic.

14 May 2011

Newtown one night

This shot was taken using my phone. It takes remarkably good night pictures, I think. King Street, Newtown.

10 May 2011

Just a tree

Just a tree - nice, though. on Twitpic (Click to see it larger.)

Took this on my phone, editted on the phone aswell.

Sometimes I use my phone to make calls, but very rarely.

16 April 2011


Sold a t-shirt of Pan yesterday and thought that I should mention the t-shirts here:

This is Pan, horned god of everything, and looking very pleased with himself, too :)

There are more t-shirts available, although I must admit that I haven't been doing anything in that area for quite some time. So now perhaps it is time to get back into it. But for now have a look at what is available.

30 March 2011

Featured Photo - Outside the Asylum

A new picture, Outside the Asylum, has been featured in the group Moody & Evocative.

Thank you, Anthony Mancuso!

I really do like the gloom and madness that I sense in this photo. Obviously, there is some post processing, but even without that it lent itself to this kind of feeling. I think it represents a kind of terror that exists at the heart of human existence but is rarely acknowledge, not fear of death or even madness, but our fear of truth. So we choose the asylum because we think it is safer.

Of course, it's not.

22 March 2011

Featured Photo - Afloat over Time

One of my latest works, Afloat over Time, has been featured in the
Rain Drops & Water Art
group on RedBubble!

Thank you Vanessa Barklay!!

The theme is one of drifting across existence, a shamanic journey, the crossing point between worlds.

18 March 2011

Smallfox Photography Member Photos

If you are a member of the Smallfox Photography Website, you can now upload your own photos on the Members' Photos page.

There will be a monthly featured photo which will be promoted on site, on this and other blogs, SFP's facebook pages, twitter etc - all for free!

So if you're a photographer and a member, upload your favourite shots now. And if you are not yet a member, then join up and join in!

Remember also that members who refer members get any item of mine that they want from Smallfox Photography at cost price.

05 March 2011

Featured Photo - What's the story?

This was featured yesterday in the RedBubble group FOUR LETTER WORDS, (shoe, obviously).

I am rather delighted by that. I myself find it a charming picture, very hard to say why exactly.

It is available in card and print form - just click on the pic and preview options.

Many thanks to Carol James!

05 February 2011

Smallfox Photography refit

Smallfox Photography - the website - is undergoing a refit. It has finally got its own domain, so the site is now called http://www.smallfox-photos.com/ and my email address there is paul@smallfox-photos.com so I am feeling all the more professional for it.

I will be basically playing it out in two sections: one for photos and photographic products; and another for photographers - trying to broaden the appeal.

I will put up a post here when I have finally gotten it how I want it. I'm fussy though so getting it just right might take a while, and even then I probably won't be fully satisfied but you've got to stop somewhere, haven't you.

Well, that's just the continuing story. Bye for now.

19 January 2011

Guest Posting on Smallfox Photos

The Smallfox Photos blog has had its inaugural guest post, a piece on the Catskill Mountains by Pamela Phelps.

CLICK HERE to see the article and the photos.

Puppy Love - Feature!

This photo, entitled Where are you going? has been featured in Pets Are Us
on RedBubble.

I would like to thank Ms Nickel for featuring this work, recently added. Isn't s/he adorable? It is a King Charles Spaniel and like all spaniels no doubt very good natured. At this moment, it is a very concerned spaniel.

Refering to a person as someone's spaniel has in the past been an insult, suggesting you are stupidly devoted and enslaved by the other. However, I can just as easily see it as a compliment.

This picture is available as a card or print on RedBubble. Click on the pic to see more!

11 January 2011

Plant life - Fern Art

Ferns are amongst my favourite plants. They are more ancient than the dinosaurs and beautifully primitive.

The first is the most recent photograph. Taken at Sydney Park in St Peters a couple of weeks ago, I saw this growing out amongst the rocks and loved the red colouring.

The second picture was taken at Darling Harbour. I was walking over a footbridge and just saw it beneath me. Such a great and unusual angle to see a tree fern from.

Click on the pictures to see them on RedBubble. I've only two fern pictures, much to my surprise - these two. Well, I must get some more, mustn't I.

02 January 2011

Ideal Guest - Blogging Network

I'll tell you how new it is: I just started it and am as I type the only member!

Now, what this is all about: I have been thinking about the idea of having guest posts on one or more of my blogs and of perhaps doing the same thing. I thought that I would look for some kind of directory for this and I did and much to my surprise, I found NOTHING.

I had apparently stumbled upon something that doesn't exist. There was nothing there - I thought I must be seeing things.

Enough of that. So with little knowledge of how to go about this, I have created a social site for that express purpose. Perhaps there's a good reason why this doesn't already exist - so this is really in an experimental phase, to see if it is viable and useful and popular enough.

So if you're a blogger or have a website and are interested in writing articles for someone else (in exchange for a backlink, of course) please come and have a look. At the moment, all I can hear are crickets. I hope to hear the tap-tap-tap of fingers on keyboards.

Oh, the site is called IDEAL GUEST - drop by and have a look.