25 June 2011

Ideal Guest

IDEAL GUEST is a new website for the purpose of bloggers to find one another in order to find blogs to guest post on or to find bloggers and writers looking to post. (It is free.)

Still in it's very early stages, it has resulted in one post so far, a post on my other blog, Smallfox Photos Blog, by a lady in Oregon who goes by the name of MrsRoadRunner.

Since then, two new members have joined. At the moment, it is all about photography, though it is by no means limited to that - anyone who joins can create whatever groups they like. The site is set up as a social site and people can also add each other as contacts for easier communication.

So it is slow to start, yes, but the potential is great. Sure, there are other ways for people to find each other, but this one is purpose created for the job of bloggers finding like interests and sharing their work.

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