25 November 2010

Picture the Pitcher

Pitcher Plants are such wonderful things!! I should probably get some myself to eat the mosquitoes around here this time of year.

If you like them too but find them to much work to care for (like I did with my Venus Fly Traps, poor things: if only I'd known that they need special potting mix) maybe this is more useful for you...

These photos were taken at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney, Australia. The vine they grew on grew very high, climbing up the pillars to the second level in the tropical house.


  1. I could not resist to hijack some of your work Paul. You have an amazing eye for balance, I love your work, thank you for sharing. You can feel free to steal some of my videos so we will be even.

    Namaste, love through a lens...

  2. Maybe I can for my Tumblr blog...