18 November 2010


This is a little aside from the strictly photographic - unless I win!!

PayBox is a new online and offline payment service currently being built which pays you to be an earlybird member, since they are looking to build up membership before opening.

Anyway, they have a competition to win a $1000 Amazon wish list. My list contains:

(Apparently, not many people have bothered about this aspect of the site.)

I am now up to $1494 since 11th September and am encouraging others here to join up. Of course, I get a $10 referral bonus (up from $5), so I'm really set to benefit. But having looked at a number of sites, many noted here on My Big Experiment.

They also have a $1000 prize for a debit card design. One of mine:

(See, this article does contain photography.)

If you're interested then click HERE


  1. Checking it out Paul, thanks for telling us all about PayBox.

  2. Thank you, Helen and Stephen, glad you joined up and I hope you are not disappointed. If you've any questions just ask.